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Published Works

Can you feel

My hungry heart

A million miles away

beating solely for your

As my night turns to your day?

New Romance Novella Series

Til an End Defined by Time

Til an End Defined by Time is a novella series about self-discovery, self-love, and inner strength.


Spanning the 1970's through the present day, travel with Kat and Rory as they discover their sexuality and capacity for love in all forms.


Rory Tucker, a straight woman, lives in the hill towns of Western Massachusetts. She didn't attend college, opting instead to chase her dream--life within the equestrian world. But Rory has an ache in her heart for peace and a desperate need to escape years of loss and endless hostility. She hopelessly wants to instill kind, generous characteristics in her twin daughters.


Kat Eddie, from Westchester, New York, has a Master's Degree from Boston University. She's a proud gay woman raising her daughters to be socially conscious souls.


When Kat and Rory meet, they become deeply curious about each other's unconventional lifestyles, from different worlds. The two become fast friends, spending hours together talking about their kids, horses, life. Within a short period of time, their friendship blossoms into something more--a budding relationship with endearing feelings and mutual attraction.


If you love books about slow-burn romances, family dynamics, parenting, and equestrian fiction you will love Meadow of Imagination.


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